MSK Trimpex Group engages in the procurement and export of goods and services from India to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, the rest of Asia and vice versa. We provide products to distributors internationally varying on the need of each of our clients. We also specialize in providing business consulting solutions and services to companies both in India and abroad. Our personnel are experienced in supporting local suppliers and international buyers. We offer logistic and operational expertise in warehousing, shipping, insurance, goods inspection and billing. We assist local manufacturers with quality products in connecting with and supplying to overseas buyers, while presenting coherent market information based on extensive research. Our business model is based on a tripartite supplier-consultant-distributor nexus that we use to cultivate and develop business relationships to meet and fulfill the requirements of our domestic and international clients on a regular basis.

Goods and Industries

Industrial Scrap & Recyclable Materials

Ferrous and non-Ferrous metals

Prime Material

HR and CR Coils, Sheets, Rods, Ingots, etc.

Arts & Crafts

Woodcraft, Marble, Stone, Metal, Glass

Interior Décor

Rugs, Carpets and Furniture

Luxury Clothing

Cashmere Shawls, Stoles, Mufflers and Dresses

Formal Wear

Shirts, Pants, Suits, Dresses, Shoes and Neckties

Organic Products

Spices, Honey, Fruit, Herbal Products, Oils and Lotions

Home Appliances and Electronics

Washing Machines, Toasters, Entertainment Systems

Mobile Accessories

Chargers, Cables, Headphones, Speakers, Batteries and Power Supplies, Phone Covers, etc.

Our Services

Our Clients and Partners

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