Materials Inspection

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Marine and Cargo Services

• Pre-Shipment Cargo Inspection
• Vessel pre-purchase inspection
• Cargo loss damage survey
• Container and equipment inspections
• Hull and machinery
• On/Off hire charter surveys
• Stowage and lashing of merchandise
• Scrap Metal Quality Analysis and Certification
• Hatch cover integrity (ultrasonic) tests
• Hatch cleanliness survey
• Tally and cargo checking
• Loss adjusting
• Vessel Draft Survey
• Statistical Services


Pre-Shipment lnspections

• Control Quality and Quality of Imported and Exported Goods
• Ensure accuracy of the H.S Code Classification
• Verification of valuation of imported and exported Goods for Customs Clearance
• Confirm packaging and marking of the goods are in accordance with the contractual conditions and legal requirements
• Supervision of loading and container control and sealing
• Abide by WTO Agreements on “Pre-Shipment Inspections” and “Customs Valuation” and subsequent recommendations


Scrap and Primary Metal Services

• Radioactive Testing (X-Systems Alloy Analyzers).
• Spectrometer and Spectrochemical testing.
• Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Analysis including cast iron, steel, ductile iron, stainless steel, chromium, cobalt, zinc alloys, etc.
• Physical testing including steels, aluminum, flats and rounds, yields, tensile, elongation, Rockwell and Brinell Hardness, grainsize etc.

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