Globally and internationally, cashmere is associated with a unique and historical land of Kashmir, the natural habitat of Changthangi goats who are synonymous with rarity and known worldwide for yielding the softest and finest fiber found on earth. In everyday language, these goats are indigenously recognized as the Pashmina goats of the Himalayan mountains that surround Kashmir.

It was in the 15th century that cashmere wool herdsmanship began with Zayn-ul-Abideen, the then ruler of Kashmir. Added to that is the story of how Meer Sayed Ali Hamdani travelled as a craftsman from ancient Persia and became known locally as the one who discovered this fine, rare and select breed of goat that rendered such exquisite wool, thin in texture, light in weight, yet astoundingly warm for its mass and scale.

It is with this colossal history in mind that MSK Trimpex has over the years developed a close-knit relationship with a wide variety of historically established cashmere breeders, suppliers, and designers to come up with a vast catalogue of cashmere sweaters, stoles, shawls, garments and other fabrics of luxurious value.

Below is a small sample of the type of luxury clothing we offer in this segment, prepackaged and ready for delivery at your doorstep.